Matuszewscy Family Archive

collection Matuszewscy Family Archive
authors Teofil Matuszewski
length 04'30
country Poland
format S8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0020 004

The author of the film, Teofil Matuszewski, was a designer at Biuro Projektów Gospodarki Wodno-Ściekowej PROSAN in Warsaw. His wife, Ewa Matuszewska, was the program editor, first in Polish Radio II, and then in Trójka. Films recorded with the GDR Optima camera, which Teofil Matuszewski bought in 1962.

Part 1

Children are dancing with a woman in a circle, holding hands, one of the girls is dressed in a communion dress. A family is preparing for a group photo in front of the block of flats. 

Part 2 

A boy is having a walk with his dad on an asphalt road. A man is lying on an inflatable mattress in front of a house, later in turns with a woman they are playing with the boy. 

Part 3 

The girl is walking down the steps into the garden, behind her you can see a palm tree and lush vegetation. 

(KN, AT) 


keywords Poland  family  family life  first holy communion  photography  photo  block of flats  walk  deckchair  play  garden  palm tree 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage