Krajewscy Family Archive

collection Krajewscy Family Archive
authors Jarosław Krajewski
starring Alicja Krajewska; Albin Krajewski; Kazimiera Krajewska; Paula Krajewska; Zuzanna Krajewska
length 05'14
country Poland
year 1980–1990
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0024 007

Part 1
Jarosław’s daughter, Zuzanna, sits on the man’s lap and tries to drink beer from a large mug. The girl puts her hands in a mug and plays with foam. Alicja sits opposite little Zuzanna with a glass of vodka in her hand.

Part 2
A family walk in the forest. Paula, the older daughter of Jarosław, takes pictures. Zuzanna clumsily runs along a forest path. The girls are followed by their mother with a stroller.

Part 3
A family meeting. Among the guests sitting at the table, we can see Jarosław’s parents, Albin and Kazimiera, his wife, Alicja, and his daughters.

Part 4
Short excerpts from the first two films. The mother sits Zuzanna in a stroller during a stroll. The girl walks around the apartment.


keywords Poland  party  family event  family  family life  child  beer  vodka  walk  stroller 
source of funding Polish Film Institute