Krajewscy Family Archive

collection Krajewscy Family Archive
authors Jarosław Krajewski
starring Alicja Krajewska; Jarosław Krajewski; Rozalia Mazurek; Tomasz Krajewski
length 13'26
location Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0024 026
source of funding Polish Film Institute

The author of the film is Jarosław Krajewski (born in 1952 in Poznań). As a teenager, he received his first camera as a gift from his parents. Since then, he has filmed important events and family life: weddings, holiday trips to the Powidz area, as well as his daughters, Paula and Zuzanna, growing up. Jarosław was interested in journalism. In his youth, he belonged to the Club of Youth Journalists (KDM), later he worked, among others, in the office and the company newspaper in a furniture factory and as a tour guide in Europe. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Part 1
An account the wedding of Rafał (Jarosław’s cousin) and Urszula. Jarosław’s wife, Alicja, gets ready to leave the house. Her daughter, Paula, smiles at her father, who films her. In front of the tenement house, there is a car decorated with flowers and a doll sitting on a mask in a wedding dress. Alicja with Tomasz (Jarosław’s brother) and Rozalia Mazurek (Jarosław’s grandmother) look at the car. A shot of the church in Strzałkowo and the guests gathered in front of it. The bride and groom and their witnesses arrive at the church. The next shot presents the newlyweds and their guests leaving the church. The guests hand in flowers and congratulate the bride and groom. Jarosław, who has been filming so far, swaps with his wife in order to be filmed while making wishes. The newlyweds get in the car and drive to the wedding hall. The parents greet the bride and groom with bread and salt. Guests wait outside and enter the hall. Shots of tables set with platters. A woman and a man give the bride and groom a gift.

Part 2
An account of the wedding of Włodzimierz (Jarosław’s cousin) with Elżbieta. Guests leave the house. In the back of the hallway, there is a man playing the guitar. A priest marries the young couple in a church. A re-capture of guests leaving the house, among them we can see Alicja, Jarosław’s wife. Włodek and Ela leave the house and get into a car parked in the street. Shots from the church. The young people repeat the words of the oath after the priest and receive Holy Communion. The guests gathered at the ceremony receive Holy Communion and kiss the cross one by one. The newlyweds receive congratulations and wishes in front of the church. The young couple and the guests return to the house where the wedding was probably held. Before entering the house and starting the celebration, Włodek and Ela accept further wishes and gifts, given by family members.


keywords Poland; Strzałkowo; wedding; church; priest; young couple; groom; bride; newlyweds; wedding; champagne; celebration; gifts; flowers; car