Wysokińscy Family Archive

collection Wysokińscy Family Archive
authors Andrzej Wysokiński
starring Elżbieta Wysokińska
length 08'20
location Poland
year 1965
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0027 007
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Part 1

The author of the film is Andrzej Wysokiński (1934–2018), a fencing, skiing and tennis coach. The man was interested in film and had been documenting family life and sports trips and competitions since the 1960s. 

Film made around 1965. An account of the men’s skiing competition in Szczyrk. Shots of the participants before the start of the competition and the slalom runs. The organizers of the competition award the winners with diplomas and medals. Shots of descending skiers. 

Part 2

Elżbieta, the beloved one of Andrzeja, together with an acquaintance is walking through a town in the then German Democratic Republic (GDR). Shots of a car riding down the street. 



keywords Poland; Szczyrk; German Democratic Republic; GDR; competition; skis; skiing; slope; sport; winter; snow; medal; diploma; stroll; city; car