Górni Family Archive

collection Górni Family Archive
authors Paweł Górny
starring Stanisław Neska; Józefina Neska; Urszula Górnal; Zdzisław Neska; Leszek Neska; Janina Neska
length 03'52
country Poland
year 1967;1968
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0031 004

Part 1

Most likely, the winter of 1967, Warsaw. Four siblings: Urszula (Katarzyna’s mother), Janina, called Nina, Zdzisław and Leszek enter Stanisław Neska’s Wartburg. Stanisław is Katarzyna Górna’s grandfather. They are accompanied by their dog (Zorka). They set off from their family home in Warsaw’s Żoliborz district. Then they walk and play with their dog in the Bielański Forest and visit the “Mercury” department store.

Part 2

Genre scenes from the Górny family home in Warsaw at ul. Łomiańska in Żoliborz. Urszula, Katarzyna Górna’s mother, is in advanced pregnancy, which allows us to date the film to the late spring of 1968.

Part 3

Late spring or summer of 1968. Józefina Neska sunbathes and rests in the garden of the family home at ul. Łomiańska in Żoliborz. It was a large garden in which Katarzyna Górna’s grandfather, Stanisław Neska, had fruit trees.




keywords Poland  Warsaw  Żoliborz  Bielański Forest  family  “Mercury” department store  pregnancy  garden  backyard greenery 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage