Kowalscy Family Archive

collection Kowalscy Family Archive
authors Bohdan Kowalski
starring Joanna Kuc
length 01'56
country Poland
locations Stargard, Poland 
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0038 003

The author of the film is Bohdan Kowalski, who works as a Polish language teacher by day. His passions were travelling, film and photography. He was also co-founder of the Ińsko Film Summer, the University of the Third Age and the Film Discussion Club in Stargard. 

Part 1 

An account of a karate tournament held in a sports hall in Stargard in the 1970s. Two competitors are fighting with each other on the mat, you can see the gathered spectators in the stands and the other competitors sitting on the floor. 

Part 2 

Film made by Maciej Kowalski, Bohdan’s brother. Joanna Kuc, Maciej’s girlfriend and later wife, smiles shyly at the man filming her. Shots of leaves on trees. 



keywords Poland  Stargard  tournament  karate  fight  competitors  spectators  sports hall  woman  nature  leaves  tree 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage