Maciaszczyk Family Archive

collection Maciaszczyk Family Archive
authors Mieczysław Cebula
starring Władysława Maciaszczyk; Zbigniew Maciaszczyk
length 03'42
country Poland
locations Barlinek, Poland 
year 1965-1966
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0022 001

The funeral of Franciszek Maciaszczyk (1908-1965 / 66), director of the hospital in Barlinek, took place in May 1965 or 1966. Franciszek was a famous figure of a town with 8,000 inhabitants and crowds gathered at his funeral. The coffin with the body of the deceased was taken from the house to the church of St. Boniface, and then to the cemetery. Shots of the coffin being carried by the relatives of the deceased and the hospital staff. An empty hearse is behind the funeral procession. Behind the coffin is Władysława Maciaszczyk, the deceased’s wife, with her sons, one of them is a teenage Zbigniew Maciaszczyk, dressed in a fashionable, foreign trench coat.


keywords Poland  Barwinek  funeral  cemetery  church  coffin  funeral procession  hearse  duster 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage