Wiktorowscy Family Archive

collection Wiktorowscy Family Archive
authors Ewa Błaszczyk; Wojciech Wiktorowski
starring Ewa Błaszczyk; Jerzy Błaszczyk; Wojciech Wiktorowski
length 0:17:04
country Poland
locations Jurata, Poland  Warsaw, Poland 
year 1970–1980
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0041 002

Wojciech Wiktorowski was born in Warsaw in 1954 and has been interested in cinematography since his teenage years. Professionally, he worked, among other things, as a journalist at Polish Television and a contributor to the magazine Ekspres Reporterów, and was the author of many reports and documentaries devoted to protecting people from toxic factors in the environment and in social life. In addition to film, Wojciech’s great passion was crime novels. He realized his love for this genre as the author of the Ewa Calls 007 series: the books On the Edge of the Low Pressure Area (1985) and Milk Action (1986), as well as The Ghosts of Chernobyl (2011). 

The author of some of the films is also Wojciech’s father, Roman Wiktorowski, who worked as a surgeon in Morocco since 1965. 

Part 1

Wojciech with his sister Ewa Błaszczyk and her son Jurek are spending their holidays in Jurata on the Hel Peninsula. The boy plays on the beach with a boxer dog named Bartek and swims in the sea. (About nine-year-old Jurek will become a future Polish record holder in deep-sea diving). Ewa is sunbathing on a blanket, and Wojciech is playing pickleball with his nephew. Ewa and her son play tennis at a holiday resort (probably the Jantar Military Recreation Complex). Again shots from the beach – Ewa and Jurek lie on a blanket and read books. 

Part 2 

Wojciech, Ewa and Jurasek are walking and playing with their dog Bartek. The boy also climbs a tree. 

Part 3 

Jurek fools around on the balcony of an apartment on Arabska Street in Saska Kępa, Warsaw, then he and his mother put a collar on their dog Bartek and leave the block of flats. Ewa, Jurek and Wojciech walk along the Vistula River, throw Bartek a stick and record a “crime film”. As Aleksandra, Wojciech’s daughter, recalls, inventing and filming spy movies was one of the favorite family pastimes usually initiated by her dad – a cinema enthusiast and later author of the detective series Ewa Calls 007: the books Milk Action and On the Edge of the Low Pressure Area. Wojciech plays the role of a villain attacking a woman with a child (played by Ewa and Jurasek). Even Bartek the dog was involved in the production, who, encouraged by the ham tied to the bicycle pedals, took part in the chase scene after the fleeing thief. 


keywords vacation  summer  sea  beach  sunbathing  book  tennis  tennis court  resort  sports  balcony  walk  dog  bike  river  tree  play  leisure  child  childhood  family  family life 
source of funding Polish Film Institute