Matuszni Family Archive

collection Matuszni Family Archive
authors Antoni Matuszny
starring Elżbieta Matuszna; Paulina Matuszna; Przemysław Pawlus; Karol Pawlik; Barbara Piela; Katarzyna Piela; Michał Piela; Katarzyna Niekonieczna; Elżbieta Wojciuch; Franciszek Wojciuch; Jadwiga Wojciuch
length 31'34
country Poland, Laliki
locations Laliki, Poland  Cisiec, Poland  Węgierska Górka, Poland  Cięcina, Poland  Cięcina Górna, Poland 
year 1981; 1982; 1983; 1985
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0015 002

Film made between 1981 and 1985, documenting the childhood of Paulina, daughter of Antoni and Elżbieta Matuszny. 

Part 1 

Family trip to the Matusznys’ meadow in Wilczeniec near Lalik in 1981. Elżbieta with her daughter, her husband and her parents Elżbieta and Franciszek Wojciuch spend time outdoors. The adults are relaxing on deckchairs and playing with little Paulina. Shots of an Oasis youth pilgrimage walking along a road along a meadow; Elżbieta is holding her daughter in her arms and is showing her the pilgrims. 

Part 2 

A walk in the village of Cięcina near Węgierska Górka in the winter of 1982. Elżbieta is walking along a snowy road with her daughter, her husband and her sister Jadwiga Wojciuch. The women are playing with little Paulina in the snow on the road, later on making a snowman near the house in Cięcina. The daughters and the granddaughter are joined by mother, Elżbieta. A dog called Fafik is running between the women.

Part 3 

A family party to celebrate Paulina’s second birthday in May 1982. The birthday girl is blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, the guests are applauding. Seated at the table are the girl’s grandparents on her mother’s side, Franciszek and Elżbieta Wojciuch, their daughter and the girl’s godmother, Jadwiga; Antoni Matuszny with his daughter in his arms, and Paulina’s friend Przemysław Pawlus, a year older than her, with his mother Krystyna (Elżbieta Matuszna’s cousin). 

Part 4 

Holiday, 1983. The family is spending time on the Soła river in the village of Cisiec. Paulina is playing in the sand and on the river bank. The girl is accompanied by her parents and aunt Jadwiga. 

Part 5 

Year 1985. Paulina is playing in the flat with her older friend Patrycja. Jadwiga is playing the accordion and the girls dance “Ducklings” in the middle of the room. 

Part 6

Winter, 1985. Pauline is returning from a walk with her aunt Jadwiga and the neighbors’ daughter Katarzyna Niekonieczna. Elżbieta is waiting for her sister and daughter on the steps outside the house 

Part 7 

Winter outdoor, the family is walking along the snowy forest paths of “Pod Sygucią” in Cięcina Górna. Among the walkers can be seen Elżbieta with her parents and husband, and her cousin Barbara Piela with her children Michał and Katarzyna. Adults are pulling children on a sled. The family is poses to the camera on the balcony of a forestry house in Węgierska Górka called ‘Zmorownia’ by the locals.

Part 8 

Genre scenes from Paulina’s childhood. Daddy is showing his daughter the Rus projector. The girl is playing with dolls, riding around the room on a bicycle, drawing and playing with her grandfather Franciszek. 

Part 9 

Paulina is painting Easter eggs with her aunt Jadwiga. Elżbieta, Antoni’s mother-in-law, is preparing Easter poppy seed cakes in the kitchen. 


Part 10

Family party on the occasion of Paulina’s birthday. The birthday girl is blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. Among the guests you can see Jadwiga, Karol Pawlik and Elżbieta and Franciszek Wojciuch.

Part 11

Paulina is riding her bike in the backyard in Cięcina. 

Part 12

Paulina is playing with her parents on the building site of the Matuszny`s house in Węgierska Górka. 

Part 13

Elżbieta is lying on a deckchair in the backyard. Paulina and her dad are playing with large pots filled with water.  

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keywords Poland  Węgierska Górka  Cięcina  Cisiec  Wilczyniec  childhood  child  parenting  growing up  winter  sledges  making a snowman  snow  forest  mountains  summer  holidays  free time  family  family life  fun  birthday  birthday cake  candles  walk  pilgrimage  dog  construction site  house  bike  dolls  projector  drawing  holidays  Easter  Easter eggs  eggs 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage