Archiwum Rodziny Kudasiów

collection Archiwum Rodziny Kudasiów
authors Maria Kudaś; Zbigniew Kudaś; Henryk Osiej
starring Maria Kudaś; Zbigniew Kudaś; Elżbieta Kudaś; Eligiusz Kudaś; Hanna Kudaś
length 07'17
country Poland
locations Zgon, Poland  Warsaw, Poland 
year 1968; 1969; 1971
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0001 002

Maria and Zbigniew Kudaś, Elżbieta (their daughter), Eligiusz (Zbigniew’s brother) and Hania (his daughter); and friends of the Kudaś family with Dorota (their daughter).

Authors: Maria Kudaś – Msc chemist, Zbigniew Kudaś – MSc mechanic, and from time to time Henryk Osiej.

Part 1

The scenes from the summer trip to Mielno in 1968. The Kudaś family with their friends. Relaxing and having fun on the beach. Elżbieta Kudaś and her peer, Dorota (the daughter of family friends) in hats, run towards the camera. The girls dig holes in sand, run along the waterline, have fun in the water, jump over the waves, swim on a mattress. The adults join the children’s games in the water but also lie on blankets, protected from the wind by windbreakers. Eligiusz, Zbigniew Karaś’s brother, and his family visited the vacationers at the seaside. We can see his little daughter, Hania, walk her first steps.In the following scenes, the family leaves Mielno and stops on their way back to Warsaw: they put their suitcases into the Syrena’s trunk and stop near Człuchów, where there are a few lakes.

Part 2

The film is from the Easter trip to Bukovina in 1969. Elżbieta Kudaś and her friend, Dorota, learn how to ski. They ski down a gentle hill watched by their mothers.

Part 3

The film was made during Elżbieta’s First Communion in May 1971 in Warsaw, Bielany. Maria and Elżbieta enter a car, which takes them to the Camaldolese Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where the rest of the family awaits. A boy hands Elżbieta a bouquet of white lilies of the valley. The next scenes present family walks, among others, to Linde’s Forest, where children play tag and adults play badminton and relax on the bench.


keywords Syrena (104)  Mielno  beach  sea  mattress  windbreaker  waves  sand  dog  bus  meadow  lake  Bukowina  snow  ski  slope  mountains  Warsaw  Bielany  Linde’s Forest  bridge  First Communion  church  lilies of the valley  wreath  tag  badminton 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage