Konwiccy Family Archive

collection Konwiccy Family Archive
authors Alfred Lenica
starring Anna Konwicka; Maria Konwicka; Tadeusz Konwicki; Danuta Konwicka
length 03'04
country Poland
year 1961–1962
format 16 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0012 001

Warsaw, 1961 or 1962. Genre scenes from the Konwicki family’s apartment at ul. Górskiego in Warsaw. The author of the photos is the grandfather of the main character, little Ania Konwicka, Alfred Lenica – a painter, and privately an avid photographer. This time, he got his hands on a camera that Tadeusz Konwicki brought from the film festival in the USSR. This video is the first test of the device. Ania runs around the room, dances with a doll, puts on a scarf and tries to put two hats on her head one on top of the other. She is carried away by energy. The presence of the camera does not impress her. Her mom, her older sister (Maria) and Tadeusz Konwicki (dressed in a bathrobe because he had a cold at the time), look at Ania and join the fun. The family poses together hugging, as if for a photo, all in great moods. Maria laughs, Ania jauntily looks into the camera’s eye and shows her tongue. Her mom grabs her hands and they start clapping.


keywords Poland  Warsaw  child  parents  piano  toys  plush toys  grandparents  dance  free time  Tadeusz Konwicki  Anna Konwicka  Maria Konwicka  Alfred Lenica  camera  USSR  film festival 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage