Milewscy Family Archive

collection Milewscy Family Archive
authors Antoni Milewski
starring Ewa Milewska; Józef Milewski; Jan Paweł II
length 0:10:32
country Poland
locations Kielce, Poland  Kielce Lagoon, Poland  Cracow, Poland  Silnica River, Poland 
year 1979
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0046 001

The author of the film is Antoni Milewski, who filmed the family-life events with a quarz zoom camera, bought in a Kielce photoshop. 
Part 1 
The film was made on June 10th, 1979 in Cracow during the first Polish pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II. Antoni came to Cracow by car, Syrena 105, which he had to leave near Wileńska Street. Further, only pedestrian traffic was possible. The author of the film, together with others, observes the passage of the popemobile along Floriańska Street in the direction of Cracow’s Błonia Park. As the author of the film recalls, the papal vehicle built in the FSC in Starachowice and the Warsaw PIMOT has been reconstructed and is now an exhibition of the Museum of the Papal Car JP2 in Kielce. John Paul II enters Błonia greeted by numerous believers. In the background, we can also see the papal altar. After the mass, people walk Floriańska Street towards the market. Shots of decorations in the windows of passed tenement houses. A Fiat with reporters and Czajka limousines with dignitaries pass through the street. The last moving car is the papal popemobile.
Part 2 
The film was made in the spring of 1974 in Kielce. Józef (Antoni’s brother) and Ewa (his daughter) walk around the Kielce Lagoon. In the background, we can see buildings that no longer exist – the Relax hotel, a café and a canoe base by the beach. Currently, modern blocks of flats are located here. The panorama of the lagoon and buildings of CHEMAR, the largest plant in Kielce. The girl, embarrassed by the presence of the camera, cuddles up to her father. Józef and Ewa continue their walk by the lagoon, and then return via Bukowa Street, heading towards Rewolucji Październikowej Street. On the way home, right in front of the block, they also meet his sister-in-law, Józefa, with her little son in a pram.
Part 3 
Józef with his daughter walks along the shores of the Kielce Lagoon. As the author of the film recalls, the area around the lagoon was also a motocross rally route organized then in Kielce. 
Several sports clubs functioned in the city and in the Factory of Metal Items Gazela motorcycles were produced. Józef and Ewa walk around the lagoon, cross the bridge over the Silnica River and reach the marina where sailors prepare for the start of the season. Józef, with his daughter in his hands, walks across the bridge over the Silnica River. 

keywords Pope  John Paul II  Karol Wojtyła  first pilgrimage  popemobile  car  vehicle  believers  crowd  altar  Czajka limousine  journalists  church  faith  walk  city  housing estate  pram  child  block  water  bridge  marina  yacht  sailor  nature  free time  family life 
source of funding Polish Film Institute