Hajnosz Family Archive

collection Hajnosz Family Archive
authors Maria Gepner-Hajnosz
starring Maria Gepner-Hajnosz; Alex
length 24'23
country Nigeria
year 1977–1983
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0008 002

Maria Gepner Hajnosz, an architect, a lecturer at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria (Nigeria) (1975–1983). She took part in the Warsaw Uprising together with her mother, Stefania Gepner, and her brother, Bolesław. They worked in a kitchen. Bolesław died in the Uprising at the age of 13.

Ryszard Hajnosz, an architect, a sailor, a yacht captain, an organizer of sea journeys in Poland and abroad.

One of the sightseeing tours near Zaria, which Maria participated in with a group of friends from the university’s academic staff. A panorama of the area, a water reservoir. A woman and a man, probably other university employees, stand next to a car. A bridge. Scooters by the road. Shots of nature: vegetation, a lying stray dog, birds sitting on trees, a lizard on the rock, trees. The campus of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. University buildings. We can see students and university employees walking down the alleys. Parked cars. A man in a traditional outfit rides a bicycle. Two women with trays on their heads crouch under a tree and put the trays in front of them. Later, they leave, holding hands. A hawk against the sky. A dark shot: a woman with a basket on her head. A sightseeing tour. A group of people, Maria’s friends from the university, visit a natural landmark. A panorama of the area, rocks and vegetation. A walk around the village (according to the description attached to the tape: Old Zaria). A group of people walk down a village street. These are probably Maria’s friends from the university. A black woman sits in front of a hut. Four local girls walk and turn to the camera. In front of the camera, there is a group of local girls, some of them have trays on their heads. Peacocks walk by a wall among the vegetation. A girl (a daughter of Maria’s friends) approaches them. A shot from a car driving through a village. On the side of the road, there are women walking with packages on their heads. A folklore festival in a town. A parade of men in traditional costumes, drummers. Among the local population, there is Maria who strolls (with a red shawl hanging over her shoulder). A man prepares food in a cast-iron, flat dish set on the hearth, picks out a kind of dumplings and puts them on the table. We can see children eating. A short shot of a street game. Shots of a bazaar, a piece of paper hanging on a makeshift fence with the inscription “air force in Chife”. Local children in front of the camera. A circle of women dancing in white and red outfits. They hold white handkerchiefs in their hands. They dance to music played by a group of women with traditional instruments and rattles. An park avenue, a panorama of vegetation, lying stray dogs (called by Maria bush-dogs). Plants in clay pots. The beginning of the academic year at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. Students stroll. A tree with large pods (a carob tree?). A man on a bike approaches a white building. A horse grazes in the foreground. This is probably the house where Maria lived during her stay in Africa. Palm trees. A white horse behind the fence. A water intake, vegetation and birds on it. A panorama of reeds. A sightseeing trip with Maria’s friends from the university. A group of people stands by parked cars. Farmland. Two men in the field, one with a Greek lance in his hand digs in the ground. Trees and rocks. A lizard on a rock. A man on a motorcycle in a traditional robe passes the road. A group of visitors walks down the road. A group of local children. A hawk against the sky. A village, groups of natives, a man rides a motorcycle. Local children. An aerial shot, we can see huts with white roofs. An aerial shot of the area. A rock with a characteristic shape. A group of tourists stand on a hill. Maria, with a handbag in her hand, strolls on a rock in front of the camera and waves to the cameraman. A road running through a field. We can see a woman in a white dress riding a bicycle, followed by a brown dog with a stick in its teeth. A dog stands on a road. Alex, Maria’s British friend, rides down the hill on his bike. The dog stands among the rocks and sniffs the stones. Alex, in a white T-shirt and navy blue shorts, bent over, collects something from the ground. Alex and his dog walk among the rocks. Alex’s dog gets wet in the river. Shots from a moving car: a view of characteristic rocks. A local woman, with a package on her head, walks along a dirt road. Maria’s car (Mini Morris Moke) parked by the road. Alex stands in front of the camera with two local boys, waving at the camera. Maria walks down the dirt road in a white dress, waving at the camera. A panorama of the area, shots of rocks.


keywords Africa  Nigeria  Zaria  nature  campus  Ahmadu Bello University  students  excursion  erosion gorges  rocks  folklore festival  bazaar  food  children  performance  dance  dogs  horse  farmland  Mini Morris Moke  dog  river  rock 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage