Major Family Archive

collection Major Family Archive
authors Bogdan Major
starring Roman Buliński; Sylwester Dober; Małgorzata Jastreboff; Paweł Jastreboff; Janina Hansel; Karol Hansel; Stanisław Kardasz; Maria Kokot; Michał Kokot; Bogdan Major; Joanna Major; Maria Major; Tomasz Major; Roman Schreiber; Andrzej Sobkowiak; Anna Szumigaj; Elżbieta Szumigaj; Aleksander Tyc; Andrzej Tyc; Zofia Tyc; Łucja Walczak; Witold Walczak
length 04'58
country Poland
locations Toruń, Poland 
year 1980
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0028 003

The author of the film is Bogdan Major (born in 1945), who, after graduating from the Faculty of Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology, worked professionally as an electronics engineer in semiconductor technology in Toruń. From an early age he was interested in photography, and during his studies he was involved with the “Stodoła” Film Production Club, the “Kwant” Film Discussion Club, student radio broadcasters and, together with his wife Maria, the Literary Section of Radio Maryja. Bogdan bought his first camera after university to document family and social life. Maria’s brother-in-law Lech Szumigaj is also the author of some of the films or parts of them.

Film shot on 5 May 1980 in Toruń on the day of the first Holy Communion of Tomasz Major, son of Bogdan and Maria. Before the ceremony in church, the family is walking around Toruń. Asia (daughter of Tomasz and Maria) and Ania (daughter of Maria’s sister, Elżbieta Szumigaj) are picking flowers. The walkers pass the Town Hall, the Cathedral and walk along the Boulevard Filadelfijski over the Vistula River. The Majors are accompanied by both of Tomek’s grandmothers, Maria Major and Łucja Walczak, as well as Janina and Karol Hansel (Maria Major’s godfather), Paweł Jastreboff (Tomasz’s godfather) with his wife Małgorzata, Andrzej and Zofia Tycowie with their son Olek, Maria’s siblings Ela and Witek, and Roman Schreiber with his son. Olek and Joasia play and run on the steps of the quay. Several members of the family are sitting at the table in the flat. In front of the church of Our Lady of Victories, the Majors meet a family friend Andrzej Sobkowiak and his daughter, who express their good wishes to Tomek. The children, together with Father Sylwester Dober (wearing glasses), Father Roman Bulinski, Parish Priest Stanisław Kardasz, conductor Mr Szymański, the organist and the orchestra, take part in the procession to the church. After the ceremony, the children line up for a group photo by the parish house and receive their First Communion souvenirs from the priests. The family walks home. Maria and Michal Kokot express their good wishes to Tomek in the street.


keywords family  family life  religious life  religion  priest  child  procession  group photo  city  walk  old town  monuments  child  childhood 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage