Szczepanowscy Family Archive

collection Szczepanowscy Family Archive
authors Feliks Szczepanowski
starring Michał Szczepanowski; Barbara Szczepanowska; Paweł Kopczyński; Andrzej Obłuski; Nadia Bojadżijew; Irena Kirjacka; Elidia Melnyk; Jan Zakrzewski; Jerzy Ługiewicz
length 04'57
country Poland
year 1980
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0023 003

Michał Szczepanowski, Barbara Szczepanowska, Paweł Kopczyński, Andrzej Obłuski, Nadia Bojadżijew, the school management and teachers: Irena Kirjacka, Elidia Melnyk, Jan Zakrzewski – a renowned teacher at Miodowa music schools of I and II degree (a piano teacher, an accompanist and a conductor of the school orchestra), Jerzy Ługiewicz – a cellist, a long-time concertmaster of Warsaw Opera Orchestra and a renowned teacher at Miodowa music schools.

Auditorium of Emil Młynarski’s State Primary School of Music (PPSM) No. 1 in Warsaw. The film was made during the end-of-school-year ceremony for the Eighth Year of Emil Młynarski’s PPSM No. 1 at ul. Miodowa in Warsaw. One of the graduates is Michał Szczepanowski. The school auditorium. The ceremony of handing out certificates: the presentation of the standard, speeches, thank-you speeches, applause, students’ concert. Michał Szczepanowski plays the cello, and his colleague, Paweł Kopczyński, plays the violin. They are accompanied by Jan Zakrzewski. The official part is followed by refreshments. We can see separate tables for students and for teachers and parents. Jerzy Ługiewicz shows Barbara Szczepanowska the camera, she frowns.


keywords school  auditorium  standard  certificate  concert  cello  violin  xylophone  piano  sandwich 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage