Archiwum Rodziny Krzeszowiaków

collection Archiwum Rodziny Krzeszowiaków
authors Leszek Krzeszowiak
starring Barbara Krzeszowiak; Małgorzata Krzeszowiak; Barbara Krzeszowiak; Pimpuś
length 02'57
country Poland
year 1963–1965
format 16 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0017 003

Leszek Krzeszowiak was a skier (among others a Polish vice-champion in slalom in 1949 in Karpacz), ski coach, academic lecturer, judge, director of the Department of Judges and General Skiing in the Polish Ski Association. He was also passionate about filming sports and important events, not only family events. The pictures were shot with the Czechoslovak Admira 16 mm camera.

This film, which was made in 1963–1965, is devoted primarily to gymnastic shows on the stadium plate, probably it is the WKS Wawel stadium, which was located in the same district of Cracow where the Krzeszowiak family lived. Women with sashes dance and perform various choreographic routines. Then we can see the apartment of the Krzeszowiak family. Małgorzata and Barbara sit at the table, laugh at the camera and show the dolls they have just sewn. Their mom lies in the back on the couch and reads a newspaper. In the final scene, the family and the dog, Pimpuś, look out the window of the apartment.




keywords Cracow  stadium  gymnastics  sash  choreographic routine  rehearsal  stand  room  couch  dolls  newspaper  dog  window  bank holiday 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage