Markiewicz Family Archive

collection Markiewicz Family Archive
authors Kazimierz Stożek
length 08'54
country Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0032 003

Kazimierz Stożek (1949–2002), an author, the son of Józef Stożek (a shoemaker), a car enthusiast, an owner of vintage cars, Genowefa Markiewicz’s cousin.

The film is edited from shots of a mountain town (at the beginning, we can see a building with a plate “Piwniczna Zdrój”), a village (Kasinka Mała), landscape views and genre scenes showing family free time, e.g., a walk in a forest, swimming in a river. An important part of the film are scenes related to motorization: go-kart racing, car racing – a sharp turn on a forest road taken by such cars as Fiat 125p (“Duży Fiat”), Skoda, Wartburg, Fiat 127. This was the greatest passion of Kazimierz Stożek, the author of the film, who was also the owner of vintage cars, hence, the snapshots from the exhibition of this type of vehicles.


keywords Piwniczna Zdrój  Kasinka Mała  mountains  forest  river  swimming  cat  car  motorcycle  go-kart  car race  Fiat 125p  Fiat 127  Skoda  Wartburg  vintage car 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage