Hajnosz Family Archive

collection Hajnosz Family Archive
authors Maria Gepner-Hajnosz; Ryszard Hajnosz
length 02'14
country Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0008 003

Maria Gepner Hajnosz, an architect, a lecturer at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria (Nigeria) (1975–1983). She took part in the Warsaw Uprising together with her mother, Stefania Gepner, and her brother, Bolesław. They worked in a kitchen. Bolesław died in the Uprising at the age of 13.

Ryszard Hajnosz, an architect, a sailor, a yacht captain, an organizer of sea journeys in Poland and abroad.

All Saints’ Day. A cemetery avenue, crowd of visitors. Graves with burning candles. The Warsaw insurgents’ section. A panorama of the cemetery, people gathered at graves, burning candles, flowers. A monument with an eagle on a pedestal. Shots from the outside of an entry to the cemetery. Waiting buses, a crowd of people, stalls with candles. A barge going along the Vistula river, Poniatowski Bridge, stone stairs of the Vistula Boulevard. Flying birds. Trasa Łazienkowska (thoroughfare). (In this area, there is a sailing club “Rejsy”, which Ryszard Hajnosz belonged to. The club organized domestic and foreign yacht journeys for young people. Ryszard, as a yacht captain, led many of them).


keywords Warsaw  Powązki Military Cemetery  All Saints’ Day  graves  candles  flowers  Warsaw insurgents’ graves  stands  bus  Vistula  Poniatowski Bridge  Trasa Łazienkowska 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage