Matuszewscy Family Archive

collection Matuszewscy Family Archive
authors Teofil Matuszewski
starring Teofil Matuszewski; Ewa Matuszewska; Wojciech Matuszewski; Tadeusz Matuszewski; Helena Naulewicz-Adamska; Anna Kozłowska; Stanisława Rajczyk; Marian Rajczyk; Stanisława Rajczyk; Wiesława Matuszewska; Krystyna Kozłowska-Skowrońska; Andrzej Kafarski; Barbara Szymańska; Stanisław Starzyński; Ewa Starzyńska; Piotr Starzyński; Jerzy Doraziński; Jadwiga Dorazińska; Dariusz Doraziński
length 15'12
country Poland
year 1967
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0020 001

Teofil Matuszewski, Ewa Matuszewska and Wojciech Matuszewski (their son). Family: Tadeusz Matuszewski (Teofil’s brother), Helena Naulewicz-Adamska, Anna Kozłowska, Stanisława Rajczyk, Marian Rajczyk, Stanisława Rajczyk, Wiesława Matuszewska, Krystyna Kozłowska-Skowrońska. Friends: Andrzej Kafarski, Barbara Szymańska, Stanisław Starzyński, Ewa Starzyńska, Piotr Starzyński (their son), Jerzy Doraziński, Jadzia Dorazińska and Darek Doraziński (their son).

Teofil Matuszewski, an author was a designer at the Water and Management System Design Office PROSAN in Warsaw.His wife, Ewa Matuszewska, was a program editor, firstly, in Polskie Radio Program II, then in Trójka. The films were made with the GDR Optima camera, which Teofil Matuszewski bought in 1962.

Winter 1967, Warsaw. Teofil, Ewa and Wojciech play in the courtyard of the Wilanów Palace. Wojciech gets out of a Peugeot 404 and parks at the corner of ul. Grzybowska and ul. Waliców. We can see a construction site of one of the blocks of the Za Żelazną Bramą housing estate at ul. Waliców 20. An indoor scene. Andrzej Kafarski and Barbara Szymańska in the PROSAN Design Office in Warsaw at ul. Baśniowa 3, where the author of the film worked. An outdoor scene. The Matuszewski family is on a trip with friends in Żelazowa Wola. They walk, rest on benches and smoke cigarettes or a pipe (not all of them): Ewa Matuszewska, Stanisław Starzyński, Ewa Starzyńska, Jerzy Doraziński, Jadzia Dorazińska. Children: Wojciech Matuszewski, Piotr Starzyński and Darek Doraziński, run along the park avenues. The operator is clearly fascinated by female legs. A short indoor scene. Tadeusz Matuszewski (Teofil’s brother) is in his home in Bodzechów near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. An outdoor setting. Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, an alumni meeting at Chrepotowicz high school – Teofil Matuszewski’s school. People gather and greet each other in front of the school building. They take a Jelcz bus “Ogórek’’ to explore the Świętokrzyskie region. We can see genre scenes from the tour. After the trip, they return to the high school building, where they say goodbye and pose for commemorative photographs. Outdoor scenes from Wojciech Matuszewski’s First Communion. A rainy day. The family (Helena Naulewicz-Adamska, Anna Kozłowska, Stanisława Rajczyk (his godmother), Marian Rajczyk, Stanisława Rajczyk (his aunt), Wiesława Matuszewska, Tadeusz Matuszewski) gathers in front of the Church of Our Lady of Victory in Kamionek in Warsaw. Wojciech goes to the church along ul. Stanisława Augusta led by his aunt, Krystyna Kozłowska-Skowrońska. An outdoor setting. A morning at an unofficial campsite in Bory Tucholskie. Wojciech with his parents and their family car, Peugeot 404. Resting by the lake at the campsite in Stare Jabłonki in Masuria. Wojciech fishes on a pier, Ewa lies next to him and reads a book.


keywords Warsaw  palace  Wilanów  cigarette  First Communion  Peugeot 404  construction site  crane  school  trip  Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski  church  Jelcz “Ogórek”  forest  tent  campsite  caravan  volleyball  lake  pier  kayak  mattress  Masuria  Bory Tucholskie 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage