Małanicz Family Archive

collection Małanicz Family Archive
authors Eugeniusz Małanicz; Ludwika Małanicz
starring Barbara Małanicz; Eugeniusz Małanicz; Elżbieta Małanicz; Janusz Małanicz; Ludwika Małanicz
length 16'59
country Poland
year 1938
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0039 008

The author of the film is Eugeniusz Małanicz (born in 1904 in Zelczyn). He was an electrical engineer by trade, but a cinematographer and a collector of films and film cameras by passion. In 1925, he founded the touring cinema “Oaza”, touring around the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. The cinema went bankrupt after a year, but the passion for the cinema remained with Eugeniusz until his death. In December 1939, he moved with his family to Warsaw and settled in Saska Kępa. An important place in his life was Giby – a village in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, to which he traveled from the late forties. There he rested, kayaked and took pictures. He also died there in 1982. The hood of his beloved car (Hansa) was put on his tombstone.

The film was made in Silesia, probably near Janowiec or Sosnowiec around 1938 during a holiday trip of the Małanicz family. A shot of people walking around the city. Two cars drive along a dirt road, which overtake horse-drawn carts. An elegantly dressed woman and man walk along the road. Eugeniusz Małanicz fishes, standing on a small stone dam. The children of Ludwika and Eugeniusz, Elżbieta and Janusz, walk in the water under the care of a nanny who helps them to get off the slippery stones. The siblings play in the river, cross the water thresholds and climb the sloping wall that secures the shore. The children are joined by their dad, who hugs Elżbieta and puts her down on a grassy bank of the river. Eugeniusz with a fishing rod and the nanny break through the thickets by the river. The family actively spends time by the river, kayaking and relaxing on a small pebble beach. Janusz and Ela play by the river. One of the girls resting by the river does a bridge. Everyone bathes in the river, fool around and splash water on each other. Eugeniusz fishes by the river. Ludwika, in a dress, walks in the river, balancing on pebbles. Ludwika and Eugeniusz’s daughter, Basia, sits on a blanket spread out on the grass. The mom feeds the girl with a spoon. Ela pushes her younger sister in a stroller. Basia plays while bathing. She splashes water. 



keywords Poland  Silesia  city  river  car  horse-drawn cart  holidays  summer  free time  family  river  swimming  kayak  sail  fun  fishing  child  stroller  bath 
source of funding Polish Film Institute