Markiewicz Family Archive

collection Markiewicz Family Archive
authors Kazimierz Stożek
length 11'46
location Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0032 002
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Kazimierz Stożek (1949–2002), an author, the son of Józef Stożek (a shoemaker), a car enthusiast, an owner of vintage cars, Genowefa Markiewicz’s cousin.

The film is edited from unrelated short shots showing pets, a mountain village (Kasinka Mała), its surrounding landscapes, a rural festival, a ferry crossing the river, a wooden windmill, blocks of flats and traffic, probably a beach entrance, a hospital park and other. Since the author was a car enthusiast, we can also see many vehicles, such as: a Moskvitch, a Volkswagen “Garbus”, a large Fiat, a Mercedes, a Jelcz bus “Ogórek” and even an armored military vehicle.


keywords dog, Moskvitch, National Council, licence plate, USC, snow, winter, city, countryside, mountains, hill, buses, trams, cars, children, sledge, garage, Mercedes, armored military vehicle, hospital, Volkswagen “Garbus”, large Fiat, sea, beach, Jelcz 043 “Ogórek”