Cypryjańscy Family Archive

collection Cypryjańscy Family Archive
authors Ryszard Cypryjański
starring Ewa Cypryjańska; Henryka Cypryjańska; Jacek Cypryjański; Zofia Czerwińska; Julian Janas; Izabella Urbanek; Janina Urbanek
length 0:04:23
country Poland
locations Szczecin, Poland 
year 1976
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0045 004

Ryszard Cypryjański documented his family life with a camera borrowed from a colleague at the Selfa Electroheating Production Plant in Szczecin. 

An account of the first Holy Communion of Ryszard’s son, Jacek, held on May 9, 1976 in the Cathedral of St. James the Apostle in Szczecin. Children take their places in church pews, take part in a solemn mass, take communion and pose for a commemorative photo with priests (the parish priest, Julian Janas, sits in the middle). After leaving the church, Jacek poses for the camera with his mother (Helena), his grandmothers (Zofia Czerwińska and Ewa Cypryjańska), his aunt (Janina Urbanek) and her daughter (Izabella). Ewa, with her granddaughter (Izabella) on her lap, sits on the balcony of an apartment at Wyzwolenia Street. A shot of a TV show. 


keywords first Holy Communion  mass  church  candle  priest  child  childhood  family  religious life  family life  balcony 
source of funding Polish Film Institute