Matugowie Family Archive

collection Matugowie Family Archive
authors Franciszek Matug
length 06'08
country Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0030 003

The author of the films is Franciszek Matug, born in 1926 in Zalasowa (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). A son of Maria and Błażej. He came from a peasant family. During the war, he fought in the Home Army units and Peasant Battalions. Immediately after the end of the war, he came to Niedomice (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) to work on the construction of the Cellulose Plant, where he met his future wife, Maria Sikora. In the 60s, he became a chemical engineer. In later years, he worked at the “Galwa” Haberdashery Products Plant in Tarnów. He died in a car accident in 1982.

A series of mostly blurred shots, which probably describe a sightseeing tour: a panorama of a high tower (probably it is a radio-television tower), a group of people walking on stones, buildings. A group of five people hold hands and walk towards the camera, taking ridiculous steps. Short shots: the interior of the church, the façade of a white building, a historic wooden church among the trees. Open-air shots on the Dunajec River. We can see the newly built bridge. On the shore, a man plays with a dog, throwing a stick into the water. Monument to the Heroes of September 1939 in Biskupice Radłowskie. Next to it, there is a man in sunglasses, putting on gloves. Austrian military cemetery from World War I in Biskupice Radłowskie. A tall stone cross with a commemorative plaque (illegible). A dog runs among the tombstones. A shot of the cemetery from the outside. Russian military cemetery from World War I in Biskupice Radłowskie. From 05:00, there is a fragment of the educational film “Carefully unexploded ordnance”, the title board, a board with text, a fragment of the film on which a sapper can be seen. (“Carefully unexploded ordnance”, prod. Documentary Film Studio in Warsaw, 1955, directed by Roman Wionczek).


keywords Poland  Biskupice Radłowskie  Dunajec River  trip  group  tourists  bridge  dog  throwing a stick  monument to the Heroes of September 1939  military cemetery  Austrian cemetery  Russian cemetery  World War I 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage