Lissowscy Family Archive

collection Lissowscy Family Archive
authors Jan Lissowski
starring Ewa Lissowska; Tomasz Lissowski; Józefa Lissowska
length 10'13
country Poland
locations Zgon, Poland  Mokre Lake, Poland  Szeląg Mały Lake, Poland  Stare Jabłonki, Poland 
year 1961
format 16 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0002 001

Ewa Lissowska, Tomasz Lissowski, Józefa Lissowska and others.

Jan Lissowski (1920–2008), an author was a student at the secret Warsaw University of Technology in 1943–1944. After the war, he graduated from the Faculty of Communications. While he was still a student, he got employed at the Documentary Film Studio, where he became the Head of Technology. Since 1957, he worked at the Experimental and Service Film Center at ul. Dominikańska 9 (later names of this company – the Research and Development Film Center and FOBR-Techfilm). It was there that he and his team developed an innovative technology for the production of magnetic tape, which, for decades, was used in cinematography for sound recording. In 1960–1967, he worked simultaneously as a technical manager at Television Film Production Department TVP. He later returned to full-time work at FOBR until he retired on January 1st, 1989.

Part 1

A film from a scout camp by Mokre Lake, near the village of Zgon in Masuria, where Ewa and Tomasz Lissowski stayed in the summer of 1961. Genre scenes from two sub-camps: the boy’s one and the girl’s one. We can see scout boys run down a grassy slope towards a lake, in front of tents, during a meeting, inside the dining room. While the scout girls are in their campsite, have fun, have a meal, work in the field kitchen and wash dishes in the lake.

We can also see Józefa Lissowska and other parents who visit the children at the camp on their way to a kayaking holiday. Scenes from the kayaking holiday will be seen in the second part of the film.

Part 2

Józefa Lissowska in a kayak on the lake. She relaxes and prepares a meal near PTTK Water Station. Most likely, it is a Station in Stare Jabłonki by Szeląg Mały lake, because that’s where two-week PTTK kayaking holidays ended or began.

Part 3

In the third part of the film, we return to the scout camp at Mokre Lake, where scouts bathe, kayak and prepare a small sailboat to sail.


keywords lake  pier  tent  camp  base  team  scouts  ZHP  canteen  field kitchen  ladle  flag  ministry  government  cot  field phone  kayak  boat  yacht  Omega  water station  PTTK  volleyball  mast 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage