Kamińscy Family Archive

collection Kamińscy Family Archive
authors Andrzej Kamiński
starring Andrzej Kamiński; Urszula Kamińska; Katarzyna Kamińska
length 01'45
country Poland
year 1985
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0014 002

A film from a holiday trip to the village of Waplewo near Olsztynek in 1985. There is, among others, Andrzej Kamiński with his wife (Urszula) and their daughter (Katarzyna) who is around 1.5 years old, friends (Zbigniew and Misia) and his brother-in-law (Marek) and his wife (Bożena). Typical genre scenes from holiday: resting on sun loungers, playing with children, conversations. Although there is no trace of it in the film, Andrzej Kamiński recalls that he managed to go fishing several times to a nearby lake – fishing was his passion at that time and a way to relax. Winter of 1985. A Sunday walk at the Przyczółek Grochowski housing estate in Warsaw, near the chapel. At that time the construction of the church had just begun and was to end a decade later. Andrzej Kamiński with his wife and daughter walk along icy residential streets and roads. 



keywords Poland  Waplewo  Olsztynek  fishing  badminton  leisure  sun lounger  Fiat 125p  FSO 125p  “Duży Fiat”  winter  ice  snow  family  dance 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage