Semenowicz Family Archive

collection Semenowicz Family Archive
authors Tomasz Semenowicz
starring Agata Semenowicz; Tomasz Semenowicz; Marta Semenowicz; Ewa Semenowicz; Wanda Dębowska; Tadeusz Dębowski; Jadwiga Dębowska; Leszek Semenowicz; Barbara Semenowicz
length 10'05
country Poland
year 1985; 1986; 1989
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0011 001

Agata Semenowicz, Tomasz Semenowicz, Marta and Ewa Semenowicz (their daughters), Wanda and Tadeusz Dębowscy (Agata Semenowicz’s parents), Jadwiga Dębowska (Agata Semenowicz’s grandmother), Leszek and Barbara Semenowicz (Tomasz Semenowicz’s parents).

The scenes from Agata and Tomasz Semenowicz’s family life document the first four years of their eldest daughter, Marta. The young couple received the camera as a gift from Agata’s parents – Wanda and Tadeusz Dębowski. May 1985. Agata Semenowicz looks out the window of the maternity ward at Bielański Hospital in Warsaw. Her daughter, Marta, was born on May 14th, this shot is from May 15th or 16th. Agata and Tomasz’s apartment. Moments of tenderness between a young mother and a newborn. The apartment of Agata’s parents, Wanda and Tadeusz Dąbrowski. A child in a bouncer by an open balcony window. Agata and Tomasz’s apartment. Marta lies on an air mattress, which was the young couple’s bed in the early days of their independent life. The child raises her head, she also tries to crawl. A rag doll appears, which was girl’s favorite toy before the Barbie era. Her parents bought it at the festival of the 22nd July, in Mariensztat. The window shot from an apartment on the seventh floor. The block of flats is situated at ul. Słodowiec 9 (then ul. Lampe). The panorama of Warsaw. Agata bathes her daughter in a baby bath placed on the table. May 14th, 1986. Agata and Tomasz’s apartment. Marta’s first birthday. The girl takes her first steps, she tries to blow out the first candle in her life and tastes the first cake. It was a homemade sponge cake with pudding cream, decorated with cherries, made for this special occasion by her grandmother, Barbara Semenowicz. The cake apparently stained the dress, as we can see the mom and the grandmother help the girl get changed. Another window shot from the apartment on the seventh floor. The block of flats is situated at ul. Słodowiec 9 (then ul. Lampe). This time, it’s a view of the yard. You can see Marta walking around the chalk-drawn square game field. Summer 1986. The family is in Linde’s Forest in Warsaw’s Bielany district, the place where the Semenowicz family used to often walk. The dad teaches his daughter how to play football. An indoor setting. A few-year-old Marta fools around in front of the camera. She jumps on the bed. May 14th, 1989. Marta’s fourth birthday. Among the guests, there are: her parents, grandparents, great-grandmother and her 3-month-old sister, Ewa. Marta, very excited, blows out the candles and shows her dream gift – a Barbie doll. The cake was, as always, prepared by her grandma, Barbara.


keywords mother  daughter  father  child  newborn  hospital  pacifier  mattress  doll  baby bath  bath  Warsaw  blocks  first steps  birthday  cake  candle  yard  square game  Linde’s Forest  walk  ball  Barbie doll  grandmother  grandfather  great-grandmother  gift 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage