Leśkiw Family Archive

collection Leśkiw Family Archive
authors Bazyli Leśkiw
starring Bazyli Leśkiw; Maria Leskiw; Mirosława Leśkiw; Alina Leśkiw; Jarosław Leśkiw; Anna Smolak
length 09'38
country Poland
year 1984
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0021 002

Bazyli Leśkiw, Maria Leśkiw, their children: Mirosława, Alina and Jarosław, Maria Leśkiw’s family, Anna Smolak (her mother).

Bazyli Leśkiw (07.12.1944–02.02.1998), an author was a construction technician by profession, a photography enthusiast. He documented family celebrations and opened his own photo studio, where he took commemorative photos as well as photos for official documents. At the beginning of 1980s, he bought a LOMO 215 Super 8 camera, which he used for the undermentioned films. Together with his wife, Maria, who was a teacher, they lived and worked in Ińsko. The Leśkiw family lived in the village of Budynin, situated on the Polish-Ukrainian border until Operation Vistula in 1947. They were deported to the village of Ścienne near Ińsko. Bazyli’s parents and siblings returned to their home village in the 1960s. However, Bazyli remained in Western Pomerania, as he attended a secondary school in Szczecin. Then he met a teacher from Ińsko, Maria, whose family had also been resettled during Operation Vistula (from Wola Matiaszowa in the Lesko County, Solina District to the village of Osieki in Pomerania).

Ińsko, Stargard County, West Pomeranian Voivodeship; Osieki village, Borzytuchom District, Bytów County, Pomeranian Voivodeship; Legnica. The scenes show the Leśkiw’s family life in 1984: harvest at the family village of Osieki, among others, threshing of mowed grain, children’s games with the dog (Robin) in the homestead of the visited family, relaxing in their summer place in Ińsko and walks along the town’s streets, visits to Legnica, where Mirosława, the eldest daughter, studied in IV High School and lived in the boarding school. The film is edited from outdoor shots, except for the short inside one, during which Mirosława presents a self-knitted sweater, and the other daughter, Alina, looks at it.


keywords Ińsko  Osieki  operation Vistula  Legnica  countryside  harvest  horse  cow  cart  work  dog  ball  summer house  sunflower  flower  lake  school  knitting 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage