Bujnowscy Family Archive (2)

collection Bujnowscy Family Archive (2)
authors Barbara Bujnowska, Wiesław Bujnowski
starring Barbara Bujnowska, Marcin Bujnowski, Zuzanna Bujnowska
length 06'14
country Polska
locations Toruń, Poland  Wąchock, Poland 
year 1978
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0034 003

A film made by Barbara and Wiesław Bujnowski during a family holiday at the seaside in 1978 and a visit to Toruń and Wąchock.

Part 1

The family spends time at the beach; Barbara and Wiesław’s children, Marcin and Zuzanna, are swimming in the sea, playing with a ball and resting with their mother on a blanket behind a windbreak. 

Part 2

The Bujnowskis and a few other people are standing in the parking lot near the estate block, everyone is hugging goodbye.

Part 3

Children play on the playground, then eat ice cream and walk around the city and park together with their parents.

Part 4

The family spends time camping by the river.



keywords Poland  Toruń  Wąchock  holidays  sea  windbreak  beach  summer  fun  children  family  family life  trip  sightseeing  housing estate  block of flats  ice cream  child  childhood 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage