Archiwum Rodziny Kudasiów

collection Archiwum Rodziny Kudasiów
authors Zbigniew Kudaś
starring Maria Kudaś; Zbigniew Kudaś; Elżbieta Kudaś
length 02'36
country Poland
year 1970
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0001 001

Maria, Zbigniew and Elżbieta Kudaś (their daughter).

Zbigniew Kudaś, an author was MSc mechanic. He bought the camera in the Soviet Union during a business trip.

The film was made during their Easter trip to Bukovina in 1970. Children, incl. the author’s daughter, Elżbieta (in a navy blue jacket and a red tracksuit), play in the snow: they roll snowballs, make and decorate a snowman, sledge and throw snowballs. In the following scenes, Maria and Elżbieta, holding hands, walk and run around the neighborhood. In the background, we can see the then car of the Kudaś family – Syrena 104.


keywords snow  winter  snowman  sledge  snowball fight  bench  car  Syrena 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage