Hajnosz Family Archive

collection Hajnosz Family Archive
authors Ryszard Hajnosz; Maria Gepner-Hajnosz
starring Ryszard Hajnosz; Maria Gepner-Hajnoszz; Magdalena Hajnosz; Jan Hajnosz
length 03'19
country Poland
year 1969
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0008 001

Maria Gepner Hajnosz, an architect, a lecturer at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria (Nigeria) (1975–1983). She took part in the Warsaw Uprising together with her mother, Stefania Gepner, and her brother, Bolesław. They worked in a kitchen. Bolesław died in the Uprising at the age of 13.

Ryszard Hajnosz, an architect, a sailor, a yacht captain, an organizer of sea journeys in Poland and abroad.

Magdalena Hajnosz (their daughter), Jan Hajnosz (their son).

A film from a holiday trip to Zalew Zegrzyński (Zegrzyńskie Lake), probably to a holiday home in Jadwisin. Ryszard and Maria sail in a boat (“hamburka”) and dock the boat. Maria lifts her hat and sends a greeting to the camera. Maria, in a bathing suit and sunglasses, docks the boat and gets off, waving to the camera. She sits on the shore next to Ryszard, who lies on the sand. Maria and Ryszard enter the water, splash water on each other and jump in. Their dog, Bimba, follows them. We can see the swimmers’ heads and the dog swimming up to them. The couple swims in the water. The woman wears a swimming cap. A short shot of legs and Bimba between them. A white puppy walks on the grass. Jan releases two puppies from the basket. Magdalena, sitting on the grass, strokes the dogs. A shot from a water perspective. Locks on the Vistula river, Mr and Mrs Hajnosz sail. A cruise ship with a smoking chimney.


keywords Zalew Zegrzyński  boat  “hamburka”  swimming  dog  holiday  puppy  Vistula  lock  cruise ship 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage