Furka Family Archive

collection Furka Family Archive
authors Włodzimierz Furka
length 16'34
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0004 002

Part 1
A family meeting. A woman smokes a cigarette and pours vodka for the guests. The woman laughs and raises a toast at the camera with an empty glass, kisses a man and a woman on the cheek. An elderly couple kisses as well. Everyone laughs at the camera. The family talks and drinks vodka. The woman and the man sit next to each other at the table, kissing and hugging.

Part 2
Summer. The family walks along an avenue in Szczytnicki Park in Wrocław. A man waves at the camera. Close-ups of a few-year-old girl. A man puts the child on a wooden railing by a pond. The girl laughs and waves at the camera. The girl with her dad crouches on the shore of the pond with a fountain at the Centennial Hall. In the background, there is a characteristic Pergola. The woman and the man play with the girl, who after a while begins to cry. The mom tries to calm her daughter down. The family continues to walk through the park alleys among lush greenery.

Part 3
Secondary Technical School of Energy Engineering at ul. Gen. Józefa Haukego-Bosaka 21 in Wrocław, whose student at that time was Włodzimierz Furka, the author of the film. A school classroom, shots of benches and textbooks, blurred silhouettes of students. The way back from school. Young men in winter coats walk through the city, laugh and smoke cigarettes. A short shot of the renovation of the street. An elegantly dressed boy, who was previously in a group of friends returning from school, leaves a block of flats and approaches Włodzimierz, who films him, and covers the camera with his hand.

Part 4
A young woman in a shop. The shot is very dark and blurry.

Part 5
Two elegant young men walk down the street, gesticulate and speak to Włodzimierz, who films them. Central Railway Station in Wrocław. A group of friends strolls around the station, smokes cigarettes and fools around.

Part 6
Summer, shots from the yard. A young man sits on a carpet beating stand, shows his tongue at the camera and waves his hands. Shots of residents of nearby blocks of flats. The boy, who was sitting on a carpet beating stand, fools around with a younger boy. Both of them push each other and wrestle. The panorama of the city. Shots from an open window of boys playing in the concrete yard. Further shots from the window of young girls, who lean out of the windows of another room or apartment. They say something towards Włodzimierz, who films them, show their tongue and laugh.

Part 7
Shots of a young talking man. Close-ups of his eyes. The man, constantly speaking, pulls faces at the camera.

Part 8
The May Day parade, among the gathered people, we can see friends from school in elegant jackets with pins in the lapels. Some of them have small film and photo cameras with them. A crowd of people with flags and banners. Close-ups of friends standing among the gathered. The parade walks through the streets of the city. An orchestra plays.

Part 9
A man in a white shirt lies on a bed. The panorama of Wrocław from the window.


keywords Poland  Wrocław  Szczytnicki Park  Centennial Hall  Central Railway Station  free time  child  family  family life  walk  Pergola  fountain  school  learning  students  fun  neighbours  parade  banners  orchestra  TV  march  parade 
source of funding Polish Film Institute