Markiewicz Family Archive

collection Markiewicz Family Archive
authors Kazimierz Stożek; Jerzy Markiewicz
starring Genowefa Markiewicz; Jerzy Markiewicz; Małgorzata Markiewicz; Maria Juszczak; Józefa Juszczak; Marta Zięba; Katarzyna Stożek; Józef Stożek
length 08'15
country Poland
year 1981; 1985
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0032 001

Genowefa Markiewicz, Jerzy Markiewicz, Małgorzata Markiewicz (their daughter), Maria Juszczak, Józefa Juszczak, Marta Zięba, Katarzyna Stożek, Józef Stożek

Kazimierz Stożek (1949–2002), an author, the son of Józef Stożek (a shoemaker), a car enthusiast, an owner of vintage cars, Genowefa Markiewicz’s cousin.

The film is edited from family life scenes, interspersed with panorama of the Beskidy mountains near Kasinka Mała. The end of the 1970s. The family gathers together in front of Rozalia Farganus’s house in order to celebrate Marta Zięba’s First Communion. 1981 – Józef Stożek’s front garden. A two-year-old Małgorzata Markiewicz, Genowefa Markiewicz (her mother), Katarzyna Stożek (her cousin) and Elżbieta Stożek (her mother). Children eat slices of bread with butter. 1984 or 1985. Genre scenes on the veranda, in the garden and in the homestead of the Markiewicz family’s summer house. A woman (Józefa Woźniak née Farganus) with a girl (her daughter, Anna Woźniak) near Rozalia Farganus’s house. Winter 1986. A winter setting. A man and two girls (Jerzy Markiewicz, Katarzyna Stożek and Małgorzata Markiewicz) play in the snow: they ski, sledge, sitting on a bag of hay or standing on a single ski. A parish fair in Kasinka Mała. The author of the film was much more interested in parked and passing cars than the fair stalls. We can see: Warszawa, Skoda, Polonez, Maluch, and his own white Mercedes. Children play football and badminton by the Raba River in Olszyny. The family walks through a forest to the Youth Shelter and the School and Recreation Base in Lubogoszcz (former YMCA). This is an important place for the Markiewicz family, whose members built and managed the shelter. We can see wooden houses of the Base and a slope of Lubogoszcz. The film ends with a short shot of a forest pool built after World War II near the resort. It used the water from a stream, it was sometimes possible to swim there, but, most of the time, it was a home to frogs and tadpoles.


keywords Kasinka Mała  Beskidy  mountains  Lubogoszcz  peak  shelter  base  Olszyny  Raba river  ball  badminton  Mercedes  Polonez  Warszawa car  motorcycle  ski  sledge  snow  winter  garden  veranda  sunflowers  bread  stroller  First Communion  church  wreath  meadow 
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage