Górni Family Archive

collection Górni Family Archive
authors Paweł Górny
starring Paweł Górny; Urszula Górna; Katarzyna Górna
length 13'02
location Poland
year 1971;
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0031 009
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Part 1

Genre scenes from the life of the Górny family recorded in the family home at ul. Łomiańska in Warsaw. Three-year-old Kasia Górna plays with a doll and runs around the room. Her mother, Urszula, dresses her in a thick sweater and high shoes and they both go out for a walk. Kasia takes a toy stroller and a teddy bear in it. They go to the playground at a nearby park. The girl plays in the sandbox and on the swings, and the mother rests and watches the baby closely.

Part 2

A film from Paweł Górny’s recreational trip with his friends (among others, with a colleague, Włodek). The location turned out to be impossible to determine. In the film, the young people play volleyball, badminton or relax on sun loungers. They stay by the water. According to a sign, it is “strictly forbidden” to bathe in the water.





keywords Poland, Warsaw, Żoliborz, recreation, walk, motherhood, toys, playground, children, holiday, tourism