Hassa Family Archive

collection Hassa Family Archive
authors Zbigniew Hassa
starring Irena Hassa; Zbigniew Hassa; Joanna Hassa; Katarzyna Hassa; Elżbieta Żelazko; Józef Żelazko; Agnieszka Żelazko; Adam Żelazko; Jadwiga Hassa; Stanisław Hassa; Regina Hassa; Zenona Pruszkowska; Janina Klepaczewska; Agnieszka Pruszkowska; Zofia Hassa; Leszek Hassa; Michał Hassa
length 13'45
location Poland
year 1982
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0000 013
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the film is Zbigniew Hassa. Since the age of 14, he had worked as an electrician in Warsaw Trams (then MZK). When his daughters, Joanna and Katarzyna, were born, he decided to start filming events from the life of the family. 

A board with a handwritten inscription: “20 X 1982 Wilanów”. A very short shot of a family leaving a block of flats. We can see a girl in a Communion attire. Open-air shots from the walk: Irena Hassa pushes a stroller in which there is her daughter, Kasia. The other daughter, Joasia, walks next to them. They are accompanied by a neighbor with his daughter. Irena and Joasia approach Kasia, who sits in a stroller, holding paper bags with food in their hands. A walk through the gardens of the Wilanów Palace. Zbigniew pushes a stroller. The girls run. Kasia and Joasia are next to one of the buildings. There are big rocks on the ground. Kasia fell over. Her mother holds her in her arms and comforts her. Irena with Kasia in a stroller and Joasia walk along a wide sidewalk. We can see parked cars, mainly Fiats 126p (“maluch”). Joasia looks into the stroller in which there is little Adam with a pacifier in his mouth. Irena pushes the stroller in which there is Kasia. They are accompanied by Elżbieta Żelazko with little Agnieszka in her arms. The woman turns her daughter to the camera. The girl is not happy with that. The cemetery of the church of St. Catherine. Irena Hassa with her daughters and Józef Żelazko (Zbigniew’s brother-in-law) visit the grave of the Żelazko family. Scenes from a family walk near the cemetery. Irena enters the field with the stroller in which Kasia sits to show her a horse grazing in the meadow. Joasia stands in front of the horse with a flower in her hand. She turns around and looks at the horse. Joasia and the other girl, with dolls in their hands, rock on a wooden horse on the playground. Irena with the girls and Kasia in a stroller walks on the sidewalk. The girls dance in front of the camera. The girls eat apples and “feed” dolls with them. Zbigniew pushes the stroller and pulls faces at the camera. Joasia spins around. Joasia shows the dance of “ducklings”, then she rolls on the grass in front of the camera. Kasia walks next to the stroller. A board with the inscription “20 X 1982 Wilanów”. A family party celebrating Joasia’s sixth birthday. Shots of the family sitting at the table. We can see: Elżbieta (Zbigniew’s sister) with her son (Adaś), Jadwiga (Zbigniew’s mother), Regina (his grandmother) Janina Klepaczewska, neighbors from the block of flats, Stanisław (Zbigniew’s father), Ryszard’s cousin and Irena’s mother (Zenona). We can also see the dog leaning out from under the table. Guests make a toast to the camera. On the wall, we can see a card with the date 20 X 1982. A close-up of Agnieszka with a toy guitar and children jumping in front of the camera. Joasia blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Guests clap their hands. Shots of guests at the table. Behind their backs. we can see the TV turned on with a TV news logo on the screen. Irena, with little Kasia in her arms, says something to Zbigniew, who films them. Scenes at the table, Regina makes a toast. Jordanowski Garden in Bielany. Joasia and Kasia play among the fallen leaves, by the wall with a metal barrier. Joasia climbs the barrier, and then lifts Kasia. On the bench, there is smiling Agnieszka Pruszkowska, Irena’s sister-in-law. The girls climb the wall. All Saints’ Day. Open-air shots at the Bródno Cemetery. Joasia, walking along the cemetery alley, points to one of the graves. Joasia stands next to a family grave, where we can see flowers and lit candles. Soldiers’ graves with crosses made of white birch. Irena and Zenona walk along the neighborhood alley. The girls walk in front of them. Kasia pushes her stroller. Christmas. The interior of Zbigniew’s parents’ apartment in Bielany. A man in a Santa Claus costume stands in the doorway, waves to the camera and adjusts his attached beard. Leszek, Zbigniew’s brother, dressed up as Santa Claus. He sits down in an armchair. Next to him, there are the children (Leszek’s son (Michał) and Joasia) and Irena with Kasia in her arms. Joasia and Michał sit on Santa’s lap. We can see a decorated Christmas tree. Santa Claus gives out gifts. Kasia sits on the floor with a pacifier in her mouth. She gets a wrapped gift and plays with it. It’s a shovel and a mould. Santa gives a crying Michał a rod. Leszek’s wife (Zofia) kisses Leszek-Mikołaj. Santa Claus hugs all the children. He wants to sit Kasia on his lap, but she starts crying. Santa, leaving the apartment, waves his hand to the camera. Shots of a family at a table with burning candles. Next to Zenona, there is her mother (Antonina Rutkowska), Irena’s grandmother. Kasia pouts on her mother’s lap. A scene showing cupping for medicinal purposes. Zbigniew lies on the bed stripped to the waist. Next to him, we can see a lit candle and a bowl in which bubbles are soaking. Zenona adds the next cups on his back. The interior of the Hassa family’s apartment in Wilanów. Irena feeds Kasia. Irena and her daughters dance. Kasia hugs the dog – Kora. Kasia dances in front of the camera. The dog barks at the dancers. Under the Christmas tree, we can see the picture of the birth of Christ. Ice-skating track “Stegny”. Joasia ice-skates. 


keywords Poland, Warsaw, Wilanów, Wilanów Palace, garden, First Communion, walk, stroller, Fiat 126p, “maluch”, birthday, family party, cake, blowing candles, TV, Jordanowski Garden, cemetery, Bródno Cemetery, grave, wreath, candle, cross, Christmas, Santa Claus, outfit, children, gifts, Christmas tree, cups, dance, ice-skating track “Stegny”, ice rink, skates