Hassa Family Archive

collection Hassa Family Archive
authors Zbigniew Hassa
starring Irena Hassa; Joanna Hassa; Katarzyna Hassa
length 05'16
location Poland
year 1990
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0000 023
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The author of the film is Zbigniew Hassa. Since the age of 14, he had worked as an electrician in Warsaw Trams (then MZK). When his daughters, Joanna and Katarzyna, were born, he decided to start filming events from the life of the family. 

The film was made at a summer camp in Gwoźnica Górna, in which Joanna and Katarzyna participated, and their mother, Irena Hassa, was an educator. The first shots are dark, not very visible. Open-air shots. Scenes from a camp game of a “camp baptism”. Three children dressed up as devils poke Kasia with a broom. Kasia lies on a blanket. Kasia performs some tasks, and then kneels in front of a woman dressed in a white robe made of a bed sheet, who reads something from a piece of paper. Next scenes from this game. The woman dressed in a white robe and a crown gives a kneeling boy a hand to kiss. Next to her, there is a “bride”. We can see children sitting on the grass and watching the game. A camp meeting in front of a school building. Young people stand in two rows. Next to a group of older girls, we can see Irena, who was one of the educators at the camp. Kasia receives an award from her educator. Camp educators stand in front of the entrance to the building, on which we can see the signs “primary school” and “kindergarten”. “Miss Camp” in the gym. The presentation of the participants in front of the audience. One of them is Joasia, dressed in a white shirt, tie and large jacket. Later, the girls present themselves in different outfits, at the end, in swimsuits. They all have cards with numbers. Joasia walks in front of the young people sitting in the hall in a green swimsuit. The announcement of the results. Joasia, as the winner, is decorated with a sash and a crown. An educator leads Joasia to the chair on the highest step of the podium.


keywords Poland, Gwoźnica Górna, summer camps, “baptism”, meeting, award, school, kindergarten, Miss Camp, candidates, outfits, swimsuit, sash, crown, podium