Drozdow Family Archive

collection Drozdow Family Archive
authors Ewa Drozdow
starring Ewa Drozdow
length 31'13
country Federal Republic of Germany
year 1980
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0003 003

The film was made during a trip to West Germany in May 1980. The participants of the tour get on a coach parked on the side of the road. A shot from the coach of seated travelers. Arriving in Essen, through the window, we can see a building with a neon sign and the inscription “Essen die Einkaufsstadt”. The May Day parade passes through the streets of the city. Representatives of the Federation of German Trade Unions (DGB) take part in it, holding red flags and banners with slogans. Shots from a place near the modern building which houses the town hall. The Panorama of the city. A shot from the observation deck. A bus ride through the city. A man in a tie stands against the background of parked cars and smiles at the camera. Shots of a modern building and a street. Bonn, a meeting celebrating the May 1 holiday. People sit at tables and listen to the speech of a man speaking from the platform with the logo of the German Communist Party (DKP). A shot of the walls with posters and a red banner with the party logo. A ride through Düsseldorf. Shots from the airport of planes that wait and take off. Shots from a store of mannequins in dresses. A walk through the crowded city streets. A coach ride to Cologne. Sightseeing of the city: busy streets, shots of the front of the church of St. Kunibert and of Cologne Cathedral. A bus ride to Bonn and sightseeing of the city – shots of the Electoral Palace, the cathedral, the monument to Ludwig van Beethoven, the historic composer’s house and the Sterntor Gate. A bus ride. Shots of a high viaduct over the river. Participants of the tour visit a castle on the way, then go to Koblenz. Shots of the Basilica of St. Castor and the church of the Sacred Heart. Sightseeing of Trier, shots of the fountain of St. George on the Main Market Square. The tour passes through Stuttgart and reaches Munich. Shots from the city – Victory Gate, monument to the Angel of Peace, Nymphenburg Palace, Propylaea in front of Königsplatz. The coach also passes by the building that housed Radio Free Europe at the time, which the author of the film recalls (it was a big event for all participants of the trip). Ewa walks on the observation deck on the Olympiaturm TV Tower in the Olympic Park. Shots of the New Town Hall and street neon signs after dark. Participants of the tour lay flowers at the Monument of Nations on the premises of the former concentration camp in Dachau. Shots of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski jump, the town and the Linderhof Palace. The tourists stand next to the bus during a stop by the road, later they rest during the ride.


keywords Federal Republic of Germany  Germany  Essen  Düsseldorf  Bonn  Koblenz  Cologne  Trier  Munich  Dachau  Garmisch  Garmisch-Partenkirchen  Church of St. Kunibert  Electoral Palace  Ludwig van Beethoven’s monument  Sterntor Gate  Radio Free Europe  Victory Gate  St. George's Fountain  Angel of Peace monument  Nymphenburg Palace  Königsplatz  Olympiaturm  May Day parade  crowd  banners  city  sightseeing  trip  coach  airport  cathedral  ski jump  tourists 
source of funding Polish Film Institute