Furka Family Archive

collection Furka Family Archive
authors Włodzimierz Furka
length 06'22
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0004 001
source of funding Polish Film Institute

Part 1
A woman with her daughters dressed in summer dresses go down a long stone staircase, carrying beach accessories. There are buildings of a holiday resort in the background.
A shot of a sea, pier, beach and rocky coast.

Part 2
Outdoors, shots of mountain slopes. A family of several people looks for something in a car parked on a mountain road.

Part 3
People get on a coach in a parking lot. A shot of a church facade, monument, hotel. A smiling woman goes down a stone staircase in front of the church.

Part 4
Shots from a campsite, a large open bathing area, a tent and an entrance gate. Shots of the outdoor pool and bathing holidaymakers. A woman wades knee-deep in the water, walking towards her bathing daughters, then the three of them go to another part of the bathing area.


keywords summer, holiday, beach, sea, pier, mountains, swimming, bathing, holiday resort, leisure, family, family life, car, coach, trip, campsite, swimming pool