Furka Family Archive

collection Furka Family Archive
authors Włodzimierz Furka
length 17'47
format 8 mm
color black and white; color
signature PAFD 0004 003

Part 1
A young couple leaves a registry office and gets into a taxi parked near the building. It’s a black Volga (GAZ-24 – Volga). The gathered guests make wishes to the young couple and give them flowers. The newlyweds get into a taxi and go to the wedding hall. After entering, they drink the first glass of champagne. The wedding guests enter the hall and say something to the camera.

Part 2
A young man stands by the car, a white Volkswagen “Beetle”. He closes the trunk, smiles and waves at the camera. The rest of the family gets out of the car. One of the women holds a gift in her hands, wrapped in decorative paper. Family members sit at a wooden table in front of a cottage. A young woman comes out of the house with a bucket. She pours out its contents into the yard. The family spends time in the yard. Everyone laughs and drinks some tincture from small glasses. One of the women comes to the table and drinks straight from the carafe with liquor. The girls together with the women feed hens running around the yard and dance. The adults fool around and drink tincture. Men drink water from a bucket hung on a well.

Part 3
A man dressed in the uniform of the Polish Army walks in the park with a woman. The couple holds hands. The next shot shows another young man walking along the park alley with a woman. The woman and the man in a uniform sit on a bench, smoke cigarettes and walk. The man from the park walks towards Włodzimierz, who films him, waves towards the camera. The man and the woman talk, leaning against a barrier on the banks of the Oder.

Part 4
An apartment. A series of close-ups of a woman and a man who lies on a couch and smoke cigarettes. The female fixes her hair and sits down next to the man. The couple talks and laughs. The man kisses her on the cheek. One of their friends plays the guitar, the other one combs his hair. Women look in the mirror, walk around the room, then one of them plays the guitar.

Part 5
A shot from the civil registry Office in Wrocław. Close-up of the young couple, gathered guests and an official. The groom and his best man are dressed in military uniforms. The bride and groom take the oath, exchange wedding rings and sign the marriage certificate together with the best man and the maid of honour. The manager of the registry office congratulates the newlyweds. Shots taken in front of the office, of its facade and the nearest area. The young couple and their best man and maid of honour leave the building, get into a parked FSO Warszawa car and leave.

Part 6
Apartment, guests sit at the table, eat and talk. Horizontal view of the window.


keywords Poland  Wrocław  wedding  civil wedding  wedding reception  young couple  groom  bride  newlyweds  wedding guests  Volga  Volkswagen "Beetle"  FSO Warszawa  village  afters  fun  alcohol  family  park  walk  river  Oder  guitar  free time  social life 
source of funding Polish Film Institute