Pisarek Family Archive

collection Pisarek Family Archive
authors Walery Pisarek
starring Krystyna Pisarkowa, Dorota Krzywicka-Kaindel, Piotr Krzywicki, Konstancja z Kamińskich Harrerowa, Krzysztof Romanowski, Elżbieta Romanowska z domu Myszurska, Felicja Myszurska, Wanda Chaciewicz z Bagińskich
length 02'42
country Poland
year 1979-1980
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0005 001

Walery Pisarek was a well-known linguist, media expert and popularizer of science. He bought a camera in the early 60s, during a business trip to Hungary, where he went as the artistic director of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Nowa Huta community centre. 


Part 1 

Beskid Żywiecki, ca. 1979. Krystyna Pisarek and her daughter, Dorota, lay flowers on the commemorative plate of Prof. Zenon Klemensiewicz at the Krowiarki Pass. Dorota with her mother and her future husband, Piotr Krzywicki, visit a chapel in Sidzina. There is a statue of Christ falling under the cross.

Part 2

Dorota, Krystyna, Piotr and Dorota’s maternal grandmother, Konstancja Harrerowa née Kamińska, fool around on the stairs in front of the entrance to the building. Krystyna waves an open umbrella. Piotr tries to catch a hen escaping on the street. The family walks around the city.

Part 3 

A comedy entitled Unsuccessful Girls from Ciechanów, probably filmed in 1979 or 1980. The role of the officer stopping the car is played by the later husband of Elżbieta Romanowska (Dorota Pisarek’s cousin), Krzysztof Romanowski. Initially, he was supposed to play a militiaman, but due to the lack of a uniform, the man pretends to be a “civilian” officer. The car stops for inspection. It turns out that there are too many passengers in it. Krystyna Pisarek, Elżbieta Romanowska née Myszurska, Felicja Myszurska (Walery Pisarek’s sister), Wanda Chaciewicz née Bagińska (Walery’s mother) and Konstancja Harrerowa (Krystyna’s mother) get out of the car in turn. 

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keywords Poland  Żywiec Beskids  Krowiarki Pass  mountains  mountain trail  excursion  family  chapel  sightseeing  comedy  car  militiaman  fun  chicken  city 
source of funding Polish Film Institute