Bełżeccy Family Archive

collection Bełżeccy Family Archive
authors Zbigniew Bełżecki
starring Zbigniew Bełżecki; Marzena Kawalerowicz; Jadwiga Bełżecka
length 00:13:11
location Poland
year 1974;
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0006 011
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Part 1

A trip to Międzyzdroje in 1974, where Marzena went with her parents, Zbigniew and Jadwiga, and their friends. Typical genre scenes for a stay by the sea: beach rest, bathing, city walks and beach volleyball matches in which Marzena participated.

Part 2

Genre scenes from a typical weekend trip near Cracow, this time to Ojców. Marzena with her parents: Zbigniew and Jadwiga Bełżecki, friends and their boxer dog. Autumn landscape, a picnic on the grass. Marzena draws sketches, dances and tries to piggyback her father. A walk in the mountains, rope climbers around, swimming in the river. Marzena swims a crawl and a breakstroke. Water is her element. 

Part 3

Genre scenes from a trip to the countryside during the potato harvest. A bonfire and potato roasting. As Marzena Kawalerowicz recalls, the potatoes were paid for in absentia – the farmer who grew them was not there, so the Bełżecki family dug up potatoes and left the money.



keywords Poland, Międzyzdroje, Ojców, Baltic Sea, sea, bathing, beach volleyball, rope climbing, swimming, bonfire, potatoes, potato roasting, village, potato harvest