Janczur Family Archive

collection Janczur Family Archive
authors Teresa Janczur; Zbigniew Janczur
starring Teresa Janczur; Zbigniew Janczur
length 06'34
location Poland
year 1972
format 8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0009 007
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

 Part 1

The honeymoon of Wanda and Zbigniew Janczur. A winter walk with friends in the snowy mountains in Zakopane. 

Part 2

A picnic in the forest by the Zalew Zegrzyński reservoir. Wanda, who is pregnant, looks at the camera, friends lie on a blanket, fool around. Zbigniew drinks beer in front of the camera.

Part 3

Outdoor. Wanda on a walk with a child sleeping in a pram. Unsuccessfully, she tries to wake her daughter up.

Part 4

Early autumn. Wanda sits on a bench at the Chopin monument in the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw. Then she walks with the child in her arms. The child sits on her father’s lap and drinks from a bottle. Swans swim in the pond. Wanda tries to calm her daughter by giving her a pacifier. Zbigniew, with his daughter in his arms, stands facing the camera.




keywords Poland; Zakopane; winter; mountains; marriage; snow; friendship; beer; Zalew Zegrzyński reservoir; pregnancy; child; pram; fun; autumn; Chopin monument; Royal Baths Park; Warsaw; park; swans; pond; posing