Oparowscy Family Archive

collection Oparowscy Family Archive
authors Zygmunt Oparowski
starring Zygmunt Oparowski; Maria Oparowska z domu Gorzelak; Wanda Oparowska; Lech Oparowski  
length 09'49
location Poland
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0013 013
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Maria Oparowska, Zygmunt Oparowski, Wanda (their daughter) and Lech (their son).

The author of the film is Zygmunt Oparowski, an engineer, a builder of two smelter plants: Huta Częstochowa and Huta Katowice. He started making films at the end of the 1950s.

A film from a holiday trip of the Oparowski family and their friends to the seaside. Kołobrzeg. A shot of sailors standing on a ladder on the mast of a sea yacht, a close-up of the side with the inscription: “Zawisza Czarny Kołobrzeg”. The lighthouse in Kołobrzeg. A booth with the inscription: “Żegluga szczecińska” (Szczecin shipping). A shot of yachts departing from the port. A ship sails out to sea. There are sailors and a covered military gun on board. Maria and Leszek sit on a wall on the pier. Maria covers his arms with a coat. A sailing ship enters the port. Zygmunt standing on a wooden pier, takes pictures. On the lighthouse, we can see a commemorative board with the inscription: “To the heroes who died in the fight against the Nazi invader for freedom and independence of the Soviet Union and the Polish People’s Republic”. Maria with Wanda and Leszek stand on the terrace of the lighthouse. The aerial view of the port and the seashore. A resort of camping houses in Kołobrzeg. Inside the room, Wanda and Leszek lie on bunk beds. Maria, dressed in an apron, wipes washed plates and spoons with a cloth. Next to her, there is a metal dishwashing bowl. Maria and Zygmunt on a beach, sitting on a blanket behind a windbreak. Wanda plays football with other girls. Wanda and Leszek, accompanied by girls in swimming caps, walk along the seashore, then enter the water. Maria stands on the seashore and summons Leszek, who comes out of the water dissatisfied. A concert shell in Kołobrzeg. Shots from a concert, benches filled with the audience. We can see a piano and performers on the stage. A panorama on the beach. Wanda comes out of the water in a bathing cap. Leszek jumps into the water. Wanda and Leszek bathe. Maria and Zygmunt sit in a beach basket. Maria walks with Leszek along the seashore. Leszek holds a photo camera in his hands. Zygmunt strolls along the seashore. Balladyna, a white cruise ship, enters the port with numerous passengers on board. Shots from the deck of the lighthouse and of the shore that is further and further away. Wanda, Leszek and Maria on board. Maria turns to the camera and smiles.


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