Matuszni Family Archive

collection Matuszni Family Archive
authors Antoni Matuszny
starring Jan Biernat; Tadeusz Cupek; Józef Kowalczyk; Andrzej Pasternak; Józef Romaniec; Szczepan Romaniec; Józef Urbaczka; Urszula Urbaczka
length 03'39
location Poland
year 1977
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0015 021
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Antoni Matuszny, who came from the Beskid village of Laliki, was interested in photography since he was a child. As he recalls, he wanted to save the life of his family and the countryside in the 1970s from oblivion. At the age of thirteen, he bought the first camera, and when he was 24 – the camera of the Soviet Quarz 5.

A film showing the New Year tradition of the Dziady ritual of Żywiec in Laliki Pochodzita in 1977. A group of disguised people visit local farms. Dressed in symbolic costumes, Szczepan Romaniec, Józef Romaniec, Józef Kowalczyk, Urszula Urbaczka, Józef Urbaczka, Tadeusz Cupek and Andrzej Pasternak dance and sing carols in the courtyards. The dancing group is accompanied by Jan Biernat on the harmonium and his friend on the violin. 

(KN, AT)


keywords Poland, Laliki, Beskid Żywiecki, tradition, carol singing, carol singers, harmony, violin, music, dance, disguise, winter, snow, village, farm