Matuszni Family Archive

collection Matuszni Family Archive
authors Antoni Matuszny
starring Małgorzata Figura; Miłosz Figura; Wojciech Pawełczyk; Bożena Pawlus; Antoni Matuszny; Anna Matuszna; Elżbieta Matuszna; Paulina Matuszna; Elżbieta Wojciuch; Franciszek Wojciuch; Jadwiga Wojciuch
length 29'49
location Poland
year 1984-1986
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0015 033
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Antoni Matuszny, who came from the Beskid village of Laliki, was interested in photography since he was a child. As he recalls, he wanted to save the life of his family and the countryside in the 1970s from oblivion. At the age of thirteen, he bought the first camera, and when he was 24 – the camera of the Soviet Quarz 5.

Films made in the years 1984–1986 in Cięcina, Laliki and Węgierska Górka. 

Part 1 

Sheet with the text “On 12 October 1984 our daughter Ania was born!…. And here she is!!!”. Elżbieta Matuszna is swaddling her daughter. The woman is accompanied by her older daughter Paulina, who looks at her sister and shows her a toy penguin, later the girl sits by her sister’s side with her dad. Elżbieta washes her daughter in the bathtub and feeds her with a bottle. 

Part 2 

Christmas, 1984: Elżbieta, Antoni and Paulina are decorating the Christmas tree. At this time, little Ania lies in a bed placed next to the Christmas tree. Elżbieta with Antoni and her daughters pose to the camera. Also sitting at the Christmas table are Elżbieta’s sister, Jadwiga Wojciuch, and their parents, Elżbieta and Franciszek Wojciuch. The family members share a wafer and make wishes. Shots of Ania lying in her cot. 

Part 3 

The family celebrates Paulina’s fifth birthday. The birthday girl blows the candles on the birthday cake and fools around at the table with her cousin Przemek Pawlus. Shots of family members sitting around the table. 

Part 4 

Christmas 1985: Elżbieta, Antoni and Paulina show Anna the decorations hanging on the tree. 

Part 5 

Paulina and Ania are walking in the field and picking clovers. The sisters, together with their cousin Przemek, approach the family’s cow.

Part 6 

The year is 1986 and the family is celebrating Ania’s second birthday. Paulina, Przemek, Antoni with Elżbieta and the girls’ grandparents are sitting at a table with a bottle of champagne and glasses. Elżbieta serves plates of cake to the guests. 

Part 7 

Shots of the children playing in the courtyard. Elżbieta and Paulina wait for Antoni in the Fiat 126p , the so-called “Maluch”. After visiting the health center and shopping at the pharmacy, Paulina and her mother get into the parked car. 

Part 8

Anna learns to use the potty in her room. 

Part 9 

The girls dance in the room in the new Matuszny house in Węgierska Górka, a decorated Christmas tree can be seen in the background. Ania learns to ride her bike in the courtyard in front of the house and plays on the stairs with her friend Gosia Figura.

Part 10 

The family spends time outdoors in Laliki, on the farm owned by Antoni’s parents, Ludwik and Paulina.  Seated at the table, in addition to the hosts, are Elżbieta and Franciszek Wojciuch, who came to visit the Matusznys, and other family members. 

Part 11

A group of children play in the courtyard in front of the Matusznys’ house in Węgierska Górka. Playing with Anna and Paulina are Wojtek Pawełczyk, Miłosz and Gosia Figura and Bożena Pawlus. 

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keywords Poland; Cięcina; Laliki; Węgierska Górka; home; child; childhood; newborn; bath; swaddling; holidays; Christmas; Christmas tree; baubles; birthday; cake; candles; champagne; bike; play; free time; village; cow; family life; family