Matuszni Family Archive

collection Matuszni Family Archive
authors Antoni Matuszny
starring Andrzej Biegun; Maria Biegun; Stanisław Biegun; Zygmunt Ficoń; Maria Gołek; Maria Grzekorzek; Zofia Howaniec; Kazmierz Hyla; Aniela Juraszek; Marian Juraszek; Maria Kłapacz; Tadeusz Lipsa; Maria Noga; Leokadia Pawlus; Franciszek Pawlus; Maria Pawlus; Maria Pawlus; Anna Piątek; Czesława Rusek; Helena Skrzypek; Maria Skrzypek; Genowefa Węglarz; Elżbieta Wojciuch; Krzysztof Wolny; Stanisława Zając; Stanisław Zuziak
length 05'15
location Poland
year 1977
format 8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0015 034
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Antoni Matuszny, who came from the Beskid village of Laliki, was interested in photography since he was a child. As he recalls, he wanted to save the life of his family and the countryside in the 1970s from oblivion. At the age of thirteen, he bought the first camera, and when he was 24 – the camera of the Soviet Quarz 5.

Film shot during a St. Andrew`s Day party of employees of the Celma Cieszyn electric motor winding plant of the Agricultural Production Cooperative “Juhas” branch in Cięcin in 1977. Wiktoria Stopka, playing the accordion, laughs and turns her back to Antoni, who is filming her. Those sitting at the tables drink vodka, smoke cigarettes and talk. A few dancing couples are joined by more and more people, some fooling around with engines standing on the table. Among the participants of the party, apart from the author of the film, one can see: Elżbieta Wojciuch (Antoni’s mother-in-law), Maria Skrzypek, Maria Pawlus, Maria Pawlus (the other woman with the same name and surname), Franciszek Pawlus (Maria’s husband), Anna Piątek, Kazimierz Hyla, Stanisław Zuziak, Zygmunt Ficonia, Stanisław Biegun, Maria Biegun, Maria Gołek, Maria Kłapacz, Maria Noga, Leokadia Pawlus, Zofia Howaniec, Marian Juraszek, Helena Skrzypek, Czesława Rusek, Genowefa Węglarz, Tadeusz Lipsa, Krzysztof Wolny, Maria Grzegorzek, Aniela Juraszek, Stanisława Zając and Andrzej Biegun. 

(KN, AT)


keywords Poland, Cięcina, Celma Cieszyn, Agricultural Production Cooperative “Juhas”, St. Andrew`s Day, fun, party, accordion, dance, music, vodka, cigarettes