Lenarczyk Family Archive

collection Lenarczyk Family Archive
authors Marek Lenarczyk. Elżbieta Lenarczyk
starring Marek Lenarczyk; Elżbieta Lenarczyk; Janina Lenarczyk; Stefania Boruta
length 06'51
location Poland
year 1986; 1987
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0016 001
source of funding Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Marek and Elżbieta Lenarczyk, their son, Janina Lenarczyk (Marek Lenarczyk’s mother), Stefania Boruta (Elżbieta Lenarczyk’s mother).

Soviet camera LOMO Super 8 mm. The scenes present the Lenarczyk family’s life from 1986–1987. The inside of an apartment. Elżbieta and Marek’s young boy eats some soup, licks a spoon, sticks out his tongue to the camera, plays with toy cars, jumps and runs around the room, dances and sings with his grandmother, his dad’s mom. Elżbieta applies her mother, Stefania, some eye drops. A winter setting. The boy pushes sledges in deep snow. Warm days in the front garden: Elżbieta in a bathing suit relaxes in a hammock, while her mother sits in a lawn chair. The boy rides a pedal Moskvitch, eats strawberries with his mother and swings in a hammock.


keywords mom, dad, child, son, baby, parenthood, boy, fun, soup, garden, sledge, snow, winter, tongue, eye drops, pedal car, Moskvitch, dog, bathing suit, hammock, strawberries, lawn chair, hat, weeding, hoe, knitting