Dyksińscy Family Archive

collection Dyksińscy Family Archive
authors Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
starring Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Anna Tryc; Karina Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
length 17'18
country Poland; USA
year 1970-1980
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0018 010

Part 1
Outdoor scenes at the pool. The daughter of Ryszard Tryc and Barbara Dyksińska-Tryc, Ania, swims in an inflatable wheel, sits on a lawn chair and plays with toys. Then the girl dances in an apartment.

Part 2
Barbara, dressed in a coat, stands with her daughter outside the Sea Escape Hotel. Parents walk with Ania on the beach.

Part 3
The family sits at the table. In the background, we can see a Christmas tree and colorful lights on it.

Part 4
Playground. Ania swings and spins with her dad on the carousel. The family watches animals from a small farm in the park. Ania plays on the playground and walks with her mother in the park. Ryszard with his daughter in his arms opens the car (Ford Mustang).

Part 5
Ryszard with Ania in his arms stands on the balcony. Barbara corrects her daughter’s clothes, takes her in her arms and talks to her husband, who films them. In the background, we can see parked cars and trees. Ania plays with a doll in the apartment, gets on a rocking horse and looks through the barriers of the balcony. Barbara touches herself on the pregnancy belly.

Part 6
Winter. Ania plays in the snow near a block of flats. A close-up of the Eldorado Towers advertisement in Miami. Ania laughs and lies on the ground, then licks a piece of compacted snow.

Part 7
Summer. The Tryc family spends time in the park. A clown approaches Ania, who sits on a blanket, and shows her tricks. The girl in a paper cap with a McDonald’s logo hugs her dad and shyly takes a lollipop from the clown. Shots of clowns in the park. Ania with other girls and her mother strokes a foal. Ania plays with a boy and, belayed by her dad, sits on a horse. Ryszard plays tennis. Ania plays next to the court with a basketball.

Part 8
Ania lies on the bed next to her sister, Karina. Shots of a crying girl.

Part 9
Ania stands with Barbara, and later with Ryszard on the seashore. The girl plays in the sand on the beach. Karina lies in a deep stroller covered with fabric.

Part 10
Ania with a girl older than herself walks in the park. Ryszard takes his daughter in his arms and poses for the camera. Ryszard spends time with his friends. Ania plays with other children. Ania with her parents watches pumpkins on the farm. The panorama of the area.

Part 11
Barbara with Ania in an inflatable wheel swims in the pool. Ryszard jumps into the water headfirst and plays with his daughter. Ania in a bathrobe sits on a sun lounger by the pool. Playground. Ania rocks on a horse on a spring and on a swing.

Part 12
Winter. Ania skis down a small hill. In the background, we can see other children sledding and blocks of flats in Warsaw’s Muranów district. Ryszard plays with his dog. Ania and her mother go down the hill on a sledge. Adults throw snowballs. Barbara with her daughter and dog poses for the camera. Early spring. The family walks around the estate. Ania pushes a stroller with her younger sister, Karina. Barbara squats by the stroller with her younger daughter.

Part 13
Ryszard swims with his daughters in the pool.


keywords Poland  Warsaw  United States  Miami  Muranów  holidays  summer  sea  beach  swimming  bathing  fun  toys  child  childhood  stroller  playground  swing  animals  park  swimming pool  Christmas  Christmas tree  sledge  hill  snowballs  winter  dog  family  family life  free time 
source of funding Polish Film Institute