Dyksińscy Family Archive

collection Dyksińscy Family Archive
authors Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
starring Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Anna Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
length 05'21
country USA
year 1974
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0018 019

The film was made during the Tryc family’s trip to San Francisco and Hollywood in 1974. The panorama of the mountainous area. In the distance, we can see the city, small islands, sailboats and a bridge. Barbara poses for the camera against the background of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In the distance, there is the second bridge – the Oakland Bay Bridge. Close-ups of the rocks near the ocean shore. A variety of shots from the city, a busy street with the Transamerica Pyramid building on the horizon, the Vaillancourt fountain, shots of skyscrapers, the Coit Tower. The panorama of the city. Barbara’s husband, Ryszard, walks with his daughter on the observation deck. Parents switch: Ryszard films and Barbara poses with her daughter for the camera against the background of the city skyline. Shots of busy streets. The panorama of the city with Alcatraz prison on the island, Oakland Bay Bridge, a tram going down the street. The family visits the Universal Studios amusement park in Hollywood, whose attractions are mock-ups of cities, water crossings or a martial arts show. A shot of the forest and tall sequoia.


keywords USA  United States  San Francisco  Hollywood  Alcatraz  bridge  Golden Gate  Oakland Bay Bridge  Coit Tower  Transamerica Pyramid  Vaillancourt Fountain  Universal Studios  skyscrapers  city  tram  ocean  family  entertainment  amusement park  child  sightseeing  trees  sequoia 
source of funding Polish Film Institute