Dyksińscy Family Archive

collection Dyksińscy Family Archive
authors Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
starring Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Anna Tryc; Karina Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
length 02'00
location USA
year 1975
format S8 mm
color black and white
signature PAFD 0018 022
source of funding Polish Film Institute

The film was made during the stay of the Tryc family in the United States in 1975. Shot of an outdoor music concert. Ryszard Tryc and Barbara Dyksińska-Tryc take turns pushing a stroller with their daughter, Ania, walking near the pond in front of the Lincoln Mausoleum in Washington. In the background, we can see the monument to Washington. Ania stands on the stairs in front of the Mausoleum. Barbara laughs and encourages her daughter to look towards her father, who films them. Ryszard helps Ania to drink from a fountain with drinking water. Then he sits with his daughter on a bench in the port. Ania shows her tongue to the camera. Shots of sailboats and streets of New York. Short shots of the Capitol in Washington and Barbara with her newborn daughter, Karina, in a baby’s sleeping bag gets into a car parked outside the hospital.


keywords United States, Washington, New York, pond, Lincoln Mausoleum, monument, monument to Washington, Capitol, concert, sailboats, child, hospital, newborn, motherhood, nurse, car, family, family life