Dyksińscy Family Archive

collection Dyksińscy Family Archive
authors Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
starring Barbara Dyksińska–Tryc; Anna Tryc; Karina Tryc; Ryszard Tryc
length 03'23
country Canada
year 1979
format S8 mm
color color
signature PAFD 0018 024

The film was made during the stay of the Tryc family in Canada in 1979. Ryszard Tryc together with his daughters, Ania and Karina, spend time at the ice rink. The girls laugh and often fall over on the ice. Ryszard smokes a cigarette. Ania shows her tongue and makes faces to the camera. Barbara and her daughters pose for a camera on the ice rink. A group of children and a man play with sticks and a hockey puck.


keywords Canada  winter  ice rink  skates  skating  learning  children  hockey  hockey puck  hockey stick  fun 
source of funding Polish Film Institute